Veganuary Is Here

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Happy New Year Piglets!! It’s that time when new year goals are set, challenges are created and the manifestation comes in strong. Firstly, the New Year brings in a new start. A time when we can reflect and work on what we want to change… but remember, it’s all good if you don’t have a new goal. You made it through 2020 and that is something to be very very proud of.

Secondly, Veganuary - many join the Veganuary gang & start to explore the world of plant based cuisine at this early time of year. The word vegan itself can put people right off the idea of a plant based diet. But oh how wrong they are! It’s definitely not just lettuce and tomatoes (not that there's anything wrong with the humble tomato). There is a wealth of foods, meals and snacks that can be feasted upon, all while helping our environment by consuming a plant-based diet.

"There is a wealth of foods, meals and snacks that can be feasted upon, all while helping our environment by consuming a plant-based diet."

Plant based diets can help reduce the impact meat farming has on global warming, deforestation, land degradation, water scarcity and species extinction. So, what better way to start the year? Especially in a time when we can’t do much else but stay at home, we can at least try to make a few simple swaps in our diets to help our environment. Whether you're going for the whole Veganuary shabang or just looking for some inspo to add in more vegan foods, here is a little starter pack with some wonderful recipes:


I’m a real snacker and so consider myself an expert in this area…

First up… Hummus. Personally I think this is the best condiment that exists. Great on rice cakes, carrot sticks, toast and crisps. Also fantastic on a bit or broccoli. Literally pair it with anything and you will have yourself a top tier snack. Also so quick and easy to make yourself! Other snacks that are great include:

  • Popchips

  • Naked bars

  • Rice cakes

  • Chocolate!!!!

  • Apple & nut butter

  • Banana & vegan nutella

Hummus Recipe:


My classic go to breakfast has to be a great big bowl of porridge. Plenty of those to feast your eyes on the insta feed!

Quick Lunches

I always struggle with lunch because the word salad doesn't always conjure up great excitement. However, a salad does not have to consist of mainly lettuce or be boring in any way, shape or form. Get creative with a good old buddha bowl. Fill it up with veggies, add some hummus, a bit of pitta, maybe a grain or some beans and away we go! Fabulous way to use up leftovers and anything hanging around in the fridge or wizz up what you’ve got into a delicious soup.


Absolute all time favourite meal has to be spag bol! But never fear, Veganuary just means a simple swap to lentils and you will still have yourself one hearty crowd pleasing meal. Lazy Cat Kitchen have a bangin’ recipe & a few other great dinners can be found below:

I hope you all enjoy exploring plant based & hopefully take it further into 2021. Remember our delicious vegan bakery treats & Happy New Year!

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