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Welcome to GPF!


We bring you insanely good bakes handmade & packed with plenty of piggyliciousness, straight to your door. 


We try our best to cater for all, no matter what your dietary choices or restriction are... no one should have to miss out on our piggyliciousness!! Our ultimate mission is to spread and share the joy of food with all as sustainably as possible. Everything we do here at Greedy Pig Food from our blog to our shop is filled with passion to help inspire and get people experiencing the joy of food with others all around.


Chief Piglet, Alexia

I started Greedy Pig Food during my first year of university in 2019 when sharing food pics was all I did. Recipes started to develop as a sort of accident because following recipes is not a talent I have…


During the first Covid lockdown the baking got a bit out of control! There was simply too much for me & my family to eat alone so I started posting my creations to friends and family. After an amazing response from them I started sharing my baking creations with even more people and the online bakery was born!

I hope you enjoy our bakes as much as we do… there’s so much to love!

happy scoffing,

GPF Chief Piglet!


Our blog brings you informative and realistic tips & tricks that can be adopted into everyday living to help create a more sustainable lifestyle. Greedy Pig Food has a huge focus on sustainability. We want to help in any way we can.


All the bakes that are sold through our online bakery and also at markets are vegan. Cutting down on meat and dairy is such a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. We make it easy to keep those naughty treats in whilst cutting dairy/meat out by providing such piggylicious vegan treats.

*Piggyclaimer - Although our bakes are vegan not all our blog post recipes are vegan and we as a team do not consume a fully vegan diet. We do however practice what we preach and have dramatically reduced our dairy & meat intake in our diets. We also make sustainably concious decisions wherever we can!


Packaging Promise

All the packaging bits and bobs we use are



Postage boxes - FSC certified, fully recyclable, reusable & eco-friendly inks used

Mailing bags - Made from 100% recycled materials & 100% recyclable 

Tissue Paper - 100% recyclable

Cellophane - Food grade and biodegradable

Business Card - Made from 100% recycled card